Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bad Girl

Hi. Assalamualaikum.
This is really a rough time for you when you really need someone to do things and spoken up for you but then there is no one. Everything I do, I do it myself, without anyone. Like my mum said, I am her one and only child that is overly independent. Doing everything and anything alone, without her help. Maybe I need her help sometimes but yes. I'm the one that doesn't really need any help from others. Even in my kindy days, I did the registration all by myself. Haha. 4 years old kid plus a girl doing the registry by herself. Even though, I'm still good working in a group. Hehe. Angkat bakul sendiri. 
Then, when I'm known as Miss Independent, now everyone around me gonna make sure that I do my job nicely. Alone. Sometimes, I felt like I also need someone doing things for me. But perfectly attach with that name will definitely make me end up doing things alone, again. Huh. Sigh.
However, doing things myself really got me a highly self-respect to myself. Sometimes we need to be independent because its not like everyone could be on our side when we need them. Since I'm getting overly used to it, I'm still can breath calmly although been on a very rough path. Now, in my situation, its not really need me to be independent but I need someone to discuss with.
Without my mum besides me, I've decided not to enroll into UNITEN because of some reasons. First of all, I'm offered into Bachelor of Computer and Communication Engineering which is basically studying about electronics and a lil bit of electric. I'm okay with mechanics, thermo, automotive, fluids, and even robotics but not for electric and electronic. So, I'm giving up that offer letter and waiting for others. Hope for getting into UiTM again and getting an offer into Mechanical Engineering. I don't really care if need to study for another 4 years (total of 7 years + Diploma) if I really can get into Mech Eng :) Amin.

P/S : Watch Lee Hyori with her comeback song, Bad Girl. She's hot. A totally gorgeous. Her m/v is great! :)

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