Wednesday, June 19, 2013

9th Day

Assalamualaikum. Hi.

Wow, it’s my 9th days in IUKL. Oh gosh. People, I’m in IUKL now. Getting into the Mechanical Engineering course which has been my very first dream before. Luckily, I’m not going into Swinburne. Hehe. What is IUKL stands for? It’s Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur which is located at Kajang. It’s just directly beside UNITEN. I’ve decided to take this opportunity because of some factors. First, it’s Mechanical guys! I’ve desperately want to be in this so called family. Hehe. Second, IUKL is one of the top IPTS in Malaysia. Well, Engineering for future. Just look out for IUKL in Google and you’ll know. 5-tier SETARA, accreditation from MQA, and one of the recognised school of engineering or should I say faculty (?). Hehe. Third, it’s an interesting experience to be in a school of much culture variation. Since it’s an international school, there’s a lot of international students here. I’ve known people from Fiji Island, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Arab Saudi and Nigeria. They’re so friendly and it’s not feel awkward at all.

Well said, it’s a very good decision to enrol in this school.

However, I do prefer to be in UiTM, again. Huhu. Please UiTM, I want you. Yes, YOU! Let me get into the faculty of Mech Eng. Please, I’m begging you. I love how we share, we care, we study, and how we get along together in UiTM. I do miss my friends and lecturers, the lecture, the place, kolej seri gading, Desa Ilmu, blok H and everything. Waa, definitely UiTM Di Hatiku :)

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