Saturday, June 29, 2013

That day was a fairytale

Assalamualaikum. Hai :)

Seems like story-telling of the happy-ending-fairy-tale still clinging out in this era. If only happy-ending do exist, person like me will really appreciate it. People do like story of love. Love, happens in every corner of life. Allah, religion, family, friends, teachers, lecturers, older, younger, leader, followers, people, animals, worlds etc. Description of love can be expressed in many words and ways. 

For the love that I feel right now is the love that I give to what am I doing right now. I do love this moment, this time although I've tried my hardest to adapt to this life. Its not like I've been leaving the student's life for ages but to do this once again is really hard for me. Well, it's different from what I'm doing before. I'm taking a completely different path and place. But I do prefer now than before in the view of the path (course). And I do really love the place before than now. Hehe. This place is not bad at all but seriously I do miss the place before. 

Okay, enough with all those things. Miss, love, what-so-ever blablabla. I'm not in the right topic, people. Hehe. I want to share a story line that I've got here right after the Induction Week *about last 2 weeks*. 

I've known this person and I love her smile. She's kind of cute and pretty. A real beauty for me. Hehe. She's adorable, love to smile and laugh, fashionable, tall girl, and smart in her own way. Well, this type of girl would definitely get so much attention from others especially guys. And yes! I'm right. Even our facilitator also has a crush on her. Much. She had a special boyfriend. Take note, HAD. Yes, breakup a few days after classes start. Reason? I would not blaming her for that since I know what had happened here during that time. Yes, we're a kind of busy but for me it's not really that busy. Maybe for someone that having no experience with this situation, yes, it was a very busy week, or days. I know she still in love with her ex-boyfriend but girl, please, if breakup is the one you want so move on. You're the one who keep that distance longer than before. So, please, be strong. I know you can do it. You go girl! There so much charming and good boys waiting for you. Just let your heart and eyes open wide. Maybe, he is just next to you :)

Actually distance is not a very good reason for a relationship. It's all about trust. Yes, trust. Try to trust your partner but don't over-limit. For trusting someone a hundred percent is wrong. It's dangerous. Give the trust, the love and the affection to yourself before you do it on someone else. Trust me, you'll never get hurt too much later on. I've done it and still doing it. I've try to limit my feeling with someone when I'm having a crush or people do say "love at the first sight". Well, it's not love. Dude, don't bluff. Haha. Love is not something that we should just take it easy. It's hard to fall in love actually. It does require so many aspect to love someone. I'm not being choosy but I'm being shy in this kind of thing. Yeah, I do carefully choose a person but it's not really hard. It's just I'm too shy for saying out my own feeling. Well, I do write it in the blog where I know that person will not read my posts. Confident. Haha. I will definitely not letting him know how do I feel. Hehe. Well, I really do not believe in a fairytale-happy-ending in this real life. :)

Well, it's true. Work for it. Ignore this feeling should be better than meet him and say "Aku suka Kamu". 
See, Arina, you're not brave enough. That person say "Hi" to you and you dah macam kucing nak beranak. Come on. Make him as your friend. Takyah la terus nak tersasul semua perkataan. Haha. Like seriously you blushing that moment. People will know laa. Haiya. That person doesn't know yet but you do look flutter in front of him. *one sweet moment.keke* Apa nak jadi? Kbye!

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