Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hectic semester ever

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone. 

Gosh, it's been a very very long time since the last update from me. Been busy? Yeah. Should say so. I've been going through the busiest semester ever. It's not over yet. I sit for my last paper on this coming Saturday. The next day, it's time for me to fly. Shiuuuuuu going back to Sarawak. Yay! Never been so excited as this. 

What should I say now? I'll be missing everyone that I met here. It's not like I'm going back forever. Ouch Arina, you're exaggerate much. Well, I've found someone who always been there for me even at 4AM. And he's a guy. Maybe because of his matured part of attitude makes me comfortable with him even though he is younger. He's not even 18 guys. Okay this November, yes. He's being nice, funny, protective and comfortable to be with. Guess what, he's the one that even know most of my secrets. It's not secrets anymore since he knows them. Friends said that I may fall for him. I guess never. I've treat him more like a sister to her lil brother. I just can't fall for him since I've had this crush that may last longer than I've expected. Reasons much now.

Gosh what should that be related to a hectic life Arina? Haha. Out of topic. Hm, let's us see. My busiest semester started of with mini project for one of my course. We'd be given about 2 weeks to settle it down and do the presentation with full technical report. Alhamdulillah, I've been through perfectly. Then, I've got this super duper hardcore course called Statics. I've never been in a situation that I've never understand what the lecturer taught. However, it's a past. I've been through the final examination for that paper and I cried, hard. The toughest paper ever. Pray for a pass. Pass should be enough. 

More, I've never like one of the courses which is Office Application where we need to learn about Microsoft  Office 2010. Yucks. Hell what? I could be using a computer/laptop but studying about it? Hm never been in my way before and after. Then, I need to learn about Engineering Drawing which all I can say, I'm suck in drawing. But, I love the lecturer. He's kind enough. And my final paper is drawing. Wuhuu. Need to score since it's quite simple. 

The most annoying thing I've ever encounter this semester is my application of credit transfer. Huh. I can't find any source of BEL and CTU weekly scheme. And even my former lecturer didn't help me. I know they've been busy. I think of settle it down when I'm going back for my convocation. Guys, my convocation is on 13 of November 2013. Kya! Can't wait. And thanks Allah for letting my mum going there with me. Keke. 

Since I've been through ups and down this few months back, I need to keep moving on. Keep strong. Keep holding on. I shouldn't give up. Things are made up for me. I must give my best for all. Gonna get this Bachelor's degree in 4 years time. InsyaAllah. Amin. 

Sometimes, the wrong path that we choose, leading us the the right way of choice. 
It's all in your hands. Either to keep it or let it go.
May Allah help us, always. :)