Friday, June 28, 2013

Need to adapt

Assalamualaikum. Hai :)

Wow, I'm gonna be in the 3rd week starting next week. Time flew too fast. I do try to adapt the student's lifestyle in here, in IUKL. It's one of the hardest thing that I'd ever try. The style of lecture, student's life, timetable and even the student portal are really really new for me. I take 6 courses with a total of 14 credits. It's quite low compare to my Diploma time. And something really surprised me about all the courses in this campus. It's only take a class per subject. Which means that I only have 6 classes per week. It's heaven. I don't have any class in Tuesday and Friday. Before, in UiTM, we will have lecture, tutorial and lab session which take 2 or 3 times of class per week. Well, that should be more look like a student's life for me. Going to class early morning until dawn, having much time in class compare to my room, and sometimes do not take any meals in the noon *Yes, I do exaggerate*. Haha. However, I prefer that busy life than now. Hm. Maybe I will taste that busyness later. Maybe. 

Again, I'm alone in the room, singing out loud *more to melalak*. Haha. Yala, everyone here rumah dekat dekat maa. Everyone will going back during weekend. Can I going back to Sarawak? Hehe. Luruh rambut mak bapak eh. Haha. Some of my friends do stay in here but well, it's weekend guys. Everyone going out with bf/gf leaving me alone blablabla. Haha. Jealous mode on. Wink wink. My mum ask me to start searching for the one erhem erhem. But don't you think that it's too early for me? I'm just 11 this year. Perasan sorang. Well, frankly speaking, I do found someone, here. It's only a crush and I do think that my feeling will fade away, sometimes later :) *Gosh, he's hot! Giggle*

I call him Mr S-S-B. If you ever read the Malay novel title "Untuk Semua Dosaku", then you know what that name stands for. Hehe. Well, S-S-B stands for Sexy-Smart-Beard. Wuhuu. Smart giler doe! He's taking Bachelor in Civil Engineering, I don't know what semester is he in now but I do know his age. In July this year, he will turn 21. Still young while I thought he should be more than 23 lol. Haha. Maybe because of his appearance that looks matured that his real age. Okay, that's enough Rin! :)

I need beach right now. Please, where got beach here lor? Haiya. Kachiwa ini orang.


Anonymous said...

klau free jom la kita jumpa.. lama tak ckp2 dgn kmu.. =D

arin 별 said...

Kan? Kamu area mana eh? :)