Saturday, November 23, 2013


Berilah kesempurnaan dalam aku mencintai yang tidak sempurna.

Aku mencintainya tanpa melihat kata 'sempurna'.

Aku mencintainya dengan segala keikhlasan hatiku.

Aku mencintainya dengan melihat agama, bukanlah fizikalnya.

Aku mencintainya dengan sebentuk cinta yang diriku punya.

Aku mencintainya tanpa melebihi rasa cintaku padaNya.

Aku mencintainya dengan melihat segala kelebihan dan kekurangan yang ada.

p/s : Mum, love you and miss you so much :')

Friday, November 22, 2013

Please, come back

Please come back, Rain.
          When I need you the most. To hide all my pain, with the tears that overflows.
          When I need you to cover up my sadness with a quick smile on my face.
          When I need you to give some noise to my lonely night.

Please come back, Sunshine.
          When I need you to be the beacon through my darkest night.
          When I need you to cheer me up since I'm down.
          When I need you to bright my day, forever and always.

Please come back, Home.
          When I need you to be my shelter through the highs and lows.
          When I need you to comfy me when I fall hard.
          When I need you to give me the warmest love.

Please come back, Smile.
          I've never feel so hard like this.
          Till I left you, and give ways to my tears.
          Should that you be my best friend. 
          I've been way to far, drowning in this life dramas.
          Then, I need you now to come back and going through all this together.

And this summer rose left blooming alone. All the lovely companion are faded and gone. 

Please, come back.