Saturday, May 18, 2013

Perfect way for me

Hi! Assalamualaikum.
Going back to school life which is not logic but a perfect way for me. Trust me, I miss the moments when wake up early in the morning, grab my uniform, having breakfast with family, going to school soooo early, talking at the back of the class with some fabulous friends, studying something that hard but acceptable, doing homework on the deadline, being a prefect that way toooooo perfect *laaa sangat*, lepak-lepak even not in a right time, and being friend with everyone! Yes! Everyone. I did having friends from different religions, races, classes, and families. I do love that moments when everyone is not really care about looks and standards. I'm not in a prestige school, not the best school and even not a great school. Just ordinary secondary school located in Bintulu, Sarawak. However, FYI, I'm proudly say that my previous school is the largest school in Sarawak and has the most students in Malaysia. That is SMK Bintulu. Some of my friends and senior also becoming one of the best students in Malaysia and now pursuing their study abroad. Being the alumni of this school is just great and cool. Proudly say. Haha. Well, I think I have brag enough. Okay, enough! :)

Going back to school just not make sense unless I'm being a teacher or working in that school but no-no. Every moments of my breath in SMKB will be my precious memories ever. Well, perfect Iway for me? Aha! Study study study. Hm, it's just that I'm having a very hard time now being a human without any purpose of life. I'm not working, I'm not doing anything at home, and I'm not studying since I'm done with life! The heck. Haha. Can't I just study now, can I? Absolutely no-no. Hm, my life is cool but not in this particular moment. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

time flies as we are too busy with the world. miss you dear..

arin 별 said...

Yeah. 3 years. Miss you too.