Sunday, June 30, 2013

Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone

Assalamualaikum. Hai. :)

Sitting alone here, in cafeteria while everyone is staring at me like I'm doing something wrong. What's your problem, dude? It's not like I've committed any crime here. I'm just blogging, you know. Haiya. Make me feel like to poke into their eyes. Stop staring at me! I know you see an angel right now. Okay, not. Kidding. Haha. 

What am I doing here, alone? Okay, my friends going back home, some on a date and some MIA. The one that staying here now only those international students. Feels like I'm with them, too. Haha. Actually, I do feel like to write all the time. That's why you can see so many update from me nowadays. If not, I know this place will look like a ghost town. Probably.

When I'm in here, mostly will speak Malay of course but I do prefer speak in English. It's not that I'm very good in English but I barely understand the way people here speak in Malay. Haha. Yes, I'm Malay. Well, in Sarawak, people that speak Malay will pronounce words by 'baku'-ing it. Here, they always put an 'e' for an ending of 'a' letter words. When they speak too fast, then I couldn't understand a word at all. They will repeat their words for me at least twice. Pity on them. Eh? Pity on me laa. Some of them even asked me, 'Do Sarawakian speaks English in their daily life?'. Well, no. We have our own native language. It's unique and we do have different languages. I can't speak every language in Sarawak for sure but I do understand some words. Guys, I miss to speak Sarawak language. :)

Hm, he's not here. So, kbye! Haha.

*Why they are still staring at me? Bebual eh, bebual. Tukuk sekali baruk sedar kali. Ngeng juak. Orang sitok nang suka nangga orang menali ka? Adeh, pangkak ku dik lagik!*

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