Sunday, July 7, 2013

Well, it's always hard to say goodbye.

Assalamualaikum. Hai. :)

This week, 11th of July 2013 (Thursday), results for penerapan UiTM will come out. Well, I do nervous waiting for it. Deep inside I really want to get into UiTM since it's an IPTA. I'd do my best before and now tawakkal. I do eagerly want to be a part of UiTM again. Sweet memory for me. Hehe. If I get into Mechanical Engineering, then byebye IUKL. Byebye every nice person here. Hehe. 4 days to go :)

Hm, then, I do feel really really sad when thinking about leaving this place. Yeah, people here is very nice to me. We do really close although we just know each other for only a month. We've been this close since in the Induction Week. We're hanging out together, having lunch together, dinner together, going insane together and sharing every moments together, yellow and blue. It's just that we're always together. Feels like this is my second family. They're willingly do anything, just for me, for everyone. Well, we're just too close to be break apart.

Marsha and Fifi, cute friends :) 

Samsul, gila-gila just like me. Nyehehe.

Led, known as BrunoMars Philipines and Kamarul, one of a kind :)

Pali, scandal-licious. Haha.

Smile Fifi, smile.

Okay, lapar bebeno rupa aku. Haha.

Snap snap snap.


I'm happy with you.

One sweet moment.


Well, if I can get to UiTM and Mechanical Engineering, definitely I will greet them goodbye. I do hate goodbye since I don't really know if I could ever meet them again. Sobsob. For the time being, we're just enjoy every sweet moments that we share, together :)

Love you, xoxo.