Friday, June 28, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hai :)

Now, I do post something random since I accidentally view this photo. Where? Where the photo? Haiya. Okay, I do personally like this photo. Well, it's candid and feels like I'm a very very so much famous person in that place lol. Haha. I do remember one of my junior, in UiTM, has commented on this picture when he saw it. So panjang ooo komen. Firstly, thank you. :) 

"Kak, you know what is the most obvious thing happen in this photo? You do look so happy here. Look gorgeous. And plus I love your smile with your so much dimples there. Hehe. You're the one that always give inspiration to me, to all of us. Hmph I'm gonna miss you. On your convocation, I'll wait for you and give you flowers. Many many. Take care kak. :)"

Haiyaa, I do miss you too. When I'm not in mood, sad, or angry, you're the one that always be with me. And I'm the one will be the shoulder for you to cry on, the ears to hear everything you say, forever and always. Hehe. Macam orang bercinta la pulak. Keep in touch. I know you always whatsapp me and sorry for not really give a response due to line problem. Have faith and always be happy, okay? :)

Okay, I know. It less than expected but that his point. I know I'm always gorgeous mama's daughter. Haha.
Muntah hijau! Sekarang :p

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