Sunday, March 30, 2014

Get lost.

I don't even think that this update is necessary since I just wanna have some kind of 'luahan rasa' only. It's just, I want to write something.

Ever since the day I'm coming back to IUKL, everything is just fucked up. I hate that. I hate you girl. The thing is, we have settled down everything before I left. I have nothing to do with you guys anymore. It just doesn't make sense when you asked my friends to not talking to me anymore, forever. Who are you actually? Yes, I know, you do feel insecure. But please, don't be so pathetic. You do look like a 6 years old girl. Not you look but your personality. Too immature. Being nice to me, being good, always there with me but then now? Well now I know, you're hypocrite. Lessons learned girl. I won't be there anymore, promise. I will never ever going back to IUKL, again! Just, fuck off girl. Don't bother me anymore. You just annoyed me. Get lost and fuck yourself please. BYE!