Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A part of me

Assalamualaikum. Hai. :)

I'm officially 21. Yay! Haha. It doesn't feel great at all. Feel like I'm getting old before the right time. Well, people will always grow old. Haha. Still, I look young, forever. Pfffttt.

Typical and ordinary teenager just like my craziest friends, they celebrated my birthday with tepung + telur + air. Dah jadi macam kek lapis sarawak. Haha. That's my first experience actually. Yeah, my friends ever tried it before but I end up crying and they stopped. Pity them. Tak sempat buat apa pun. Frankly speaking, I don't really like that kind of celebration. I hate surprise, seriously. Sangat cepat melatah dan marah. Sorry. Just like that day, I cursed everyone. Sorry friends. ;)

I've told mama about what happened on my 21st birthday, mostly about we're going to Purtajaya and having that 'tepung+telur' partayyy. Ingatkan mama akan cakap, 'padan muka you'. But, mama said, 'Hey! Sapa bodo gilak buat kat anak mama macam ya? Ingat mama ngandong you 9 bulan ya pake daknya baling tepung telur ka? Sikda keja lain? Celebrate pun, celebrate la bena. Tedah you. Jumpa kelak, kita celebrate birthday you, okay? Jangan nangis'

Perghhh, mama still that super duper protective person for me even I'm growing up. Love you always mum! I'm not complaining what happened that day. Just wanna share some story with her. And it just end up mama  overly angry with every person did that to me. Nasib baik tak bagitau nama. Kalau bagitau, memang puas kena sumpah mama. Haha. Mama mama, love you!

However, it's actually one of great memory for me. Never been that crazy with friends before. First experience for me. They done something that really worth my time. Terharu beb! Dorang tak balik awal, stay kat hostel sampai hari Isnin, just nak celebrate my birthday. Love you all! You've become a part of me. ;)

I know, we're in the rear of separation. I just can't imagine that but just enjoy this moment, together. I've cut out the negatives and found the real ones.

Meera, Marsha, Fifi, Fana, Lizz
Samsul, Pali, Kamarul, Akalil, Mirul

P/s : Bila nak ambil gambar sama-sama? Haih!

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