Friday, June 22, 2012

It's okay even it hurts

Okay? Hurts? It's not okay, obviously. Since I'm the one who takes the risk, I thought it's okay even it hurts. Don't even care how it gonna be later. No one knows better even my heart says so. Hmm, it's time to let go. Thought so but it hards to do. How could I? Less than a year, I should let it go completely. COMPLETELY. They said, just make yourself happy every second and you'll forget it. Simple. Dear, keep it simple. How could I? Something that I have for 2 years and now I had to leave it for less than a minute? Yet, I keep saying 'It's okay even it hurts'. Can I really do it? How could I? Babe, help me. It's hard for me. Still, I need to forget it. They said, want something then ask for it. If love someone then tell it. How could I? :(

Is it life really simple as that? How could it?


Moe said...

Go ARINA! GO! *molah flashmob*

arin 별 said...

Wuhuuuuu ! Go go go.